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Winter Harbor Lighthouse

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Winter Harbor Light Station - Mark's Island, Maine

Photo by Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Photography

   The Winter Harbor Lighthouse, one of Maine's 65 historic light-stations, recently celebrated the 150 year mark. The brick structure, now in private hands, can be found on the National Register and remains in fine condition.
   Built on Mark Island to guide vessels into Winter Harbor and warn mariners of dangerous ledges, the lighthouse was replaced by a beacon and decommissioned in 1933. Since the departure of a lighthouse crew, Mark Island seems to have taken on a strong attraction to writers. Some of the island's first residents were the Robinsons. Reginald Robinson, a sociologist, and Bernice, a writer and musician, bought the island from George Harmon in 1937 for 2000 dollars. The writings of Bernice Richmond-Robinson told of her contentment on the island and her impressions of sleep while surrounded by the sounds of the sea.
   During the 1950s Rene Prud-Hommeaux, an author of children's books, bought the island. And later, the light station was owned by playwright Gerald Kean. And the list continues when in 1995 retired banker and writer William C. Holden III took over the property. Besides writing several novels, Holden took on the task of lighthouse renovation, spending 650,000 dollars on the property and repairs. Assuming the duty of caretaker of this very special place, the lighthouse remains a wonderful Downeast attraction and can be seen from Grindstone Point or the western shores of Schoodic Peninsula. Whale watching and lighthouse tour boats, departing Bar Harbor, offer close-ups of this light-station.

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