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Cloud Gate-The Bean

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Cloud Gate - The Bean, Millennium Park - Chicago, Illinois

Photos by Betsy Kellenberger
Betsy's Zenfolio Gallery

     Cloud Gate, a massive chrome-looking sculpture, is one of the most popular features at Chicago's Millennium Park. Chicagoans refer to the 110 ton work of art as simply The Bean. Cloud Gate Reflections - Millennium Park On any given day the mesmerizing Bean captures the reflections of the lakefront park skyline and hundreds of gazing visitors.
     Millennium Park, envisioned by Mayor Richard M. Daley, is 21st century redevelopment project of Grant Park. Since its completion in 2004, the area has attracted some of the most fashionable and upscale residences, such as The Legacy, Heritage and Waterfront Tower.
     The one of a kind Cloud Gate sculpture was financed by private donors, costing four times the original estimate of six million. Consisting of 168 stainless steel plates, workers continued polishing The Bean for two years after its unveiling ceremony. A Bombay native, designer Anish Kapoor doesn't mind The Bean nickname and is thrilled with its admirer's vocal expressions of surprise and delight.
     Receiving Knighthood in the 2013 for his contributions to the visual arts, Sir Anish Kapoor has received numerous awards for his work around the globe. A few scupltures from his list of accomplishments include the Sky Mirror, Leviathan, Turning the World Upside Down, The Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc and ArcelorMittal Orbit. One of the most successful artists of our time, Kapoor was the first living artist to feature a solo exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

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