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Carson Mansion - Old Town Eureka, California

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Located in the heart of California’s largest concentration of redwood forests, Old Town Eureka retains its charming century old splendor, The Pink Lady - Old Town Eureka, California its original ties to the sea and a wonderful assortment of stores, boutiques, museums, galleries and restaurants. Connected historically to fishing and lumbering industries, its 150 year old streets are lined with vintage Victorians. In fact nearly every street in town features at least one elegant Victorian home. One of the most famous and most photographed homes in town is the Carson Mansion.
     William Carson was lured from New Brunswick, Canada, in 1849 with stories of California gold. Joining the hoards looking for easy wealth, Carson teamed up with other gold prospectors in the Trinity Mountains. Following the Eel River out to Humboldt Bay during the harsh winter, Carson and Jerry Whitmore provided lumber to a sawmill during their down-time. After returning from gold mining the following year, Carson joined John Dolbeer and remained in the lumbering business at Humboldt Bay. Known as the Dolbeer and Carson Lumber Company, lumbering continued to expand into the mountains, aided with steam powered equipment and construction of a railway.
     The Carson family legacy includes the mansion at the end of Second Street. Old Town Carriage - Old Town Eureka, California Sometimes called The Redwood Castle, Carson's homes were the ultimate test for hundreds of craftsmen. Some of these intricate Queen Anne details were repeated across the street at the Pink Lady, another mansion built for Carson's son as a wedding present.
     Considered the grandest Victorian home in America, the Carson Mansion is a mix of every major style of Victorian architecture. Designed by architects Samuel and Joseph Newsom, the mansion began to take shape in 1884. The property has been well maintained ever since its completion and currently houses the private Ingomar Club. Unfortunatley the house and grounds are not open to the public.

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