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Moccasin Creek

Moccasin Creek

Photos by John Patrick

     The northeast Georgia area, especially near the town of Clayton, is a great location to spend time exploring many of its hiking trails, white water rivers, marvelous small streams and clear mountain lakes. The area is sprinkled with a handful of states parks, numerous waterfalls, and plenty of attractive accommodations. Side Stream CascadePictured here is Moccasin Creek, a fast flowing stream that lends its name to the state park. Centered around Lake Burton and the lofty Blue Ridge Mountains, Moccasin Creek State Park is known as the park where spring spends the summer. The park's Lake Burton, one of the first lakes in the United States created specifically to generate power, was completed in 1913. The park offers year-round camping, fishing and canoeing. The Lake Burton Fish Hatchery is nearby, and fishing on the lake is excellent.
     A scenic two-mile trail leads to Hemlock Falls. Sounds and sights along the creek bank make for wonderful experience during the entire hike. Small tributaries that feed Moccasin Creek create smaller, picturesque side falls, calling for many stops along the way.
     A rough road leads to the Hemlock Falls trailhead, shaving a few miles from the falls destination. Starting off to the falls from the main highway and park entrance leads to several trails and can be somewhat confusing. Find the trailhead marker carved in stone, then head toward the sound of rushing water!



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