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Bald Mountain Lookout

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Bald Mountain Lookout - St. Joe National Forest, Idaho

Photos by Mark J. Nielsen
Mark's Independence Rock Org

   Surrounded by the St. Joe and Clearwater national forests, Bald Mountain is one of the highest peaks of the Hoodoo Mountains. Far from being bald, this mountaintop is cloaked in a sea of green. The forest is famous for its immense stands of western white pine, accompanied by larch, hemlock, red cedar, Douglas and grand fir, Engelmann spruce and other pine species.
     Imagine spending a week atop this aromatic paradise. Located in Idaho's panhandle, the retired Bald Mountain Lookout Tower is available for a rustic respite on top of this little world. With amazing views and splendid western sunsets, this old fire tower makes for a perfect vacation get-away. The lack of modern conveniences only adds to this mountaintop resort's charming introduction to solitude. Bald Mountain Lookout Tower The lookout room is perched on top a 50 foot tower, and offers a table and chairs, cots, propane stove, heater and refrigerator. Built in 1956, the lookout tower offers panoramic views of the southern Palouse, the St. Maries District to the north, and occasional visits from some of the resident elk, deer, bear, moose and eagle.
   Located on the White Pine Scenic Byway (Route 6) between Harvard and Emida, the Bald Mountain Lookout has all the makings of a memorable vacation. Although the last few miles may be a little rough and rocky, Bald Mountain is accessible by car. If it sounds like an incredible experience, donít pack up your climbing shoes, binoculars, camera and necessities just yet, snow comes early to the Hoodoo Mountains. When planning your Bald Mountain trip, keep in mind that this is a wilderness setting, and understandably it's not a place for young children.

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