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Kenosha North Pier Light

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Kenosha North Pier Light - Wisconsin - Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Built in 1906, the Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse was an integral part of improvements to a wide open harbor in Kenosha. This simple cast iron tower, built to withstand Lake Michigan's wrath, replaced the land-based old Southport Lighthouse. The harbor entrance was widened and dredged to accommodate larger draft ships. The new light tower announced the harbor entrance with a Fourth Order Fresnel lens.
   Originally, the 50 foot tall lighthouse was accompanied by an attached wood frame fog signal building and accessed by a 1000 foot long catwalk. It's fairly evident from this view, windblown sand and choppy water frequently tested the lighthouse, so it's no surprise that the catwalk and fog signal did not survive.
   Kenosha Harbor Park was once home to two industrial leaders. The 70 acre site included a power plant, automotive plant and a mattress manufacturer. After initial cleanup in 1970 and a lengthy facelift, Kenosha Harbor Park now features a quarter mile lakefront promenade, court yards, fountains and a 250 boat marina. Here on Simmonsís Island, lighthouse fans are able to enjoy both Kenoshaís Southport Lighthouse and the North Pier Lighthouse.

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