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Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway

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Historic Piedmont Byway - Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Because Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway - Georgia Georgia stretches from the eastern seaboard all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's hard to visualize what certain areas of the state look like. Currently 14 routes have been designated as Georgia scenic byways, a great way to experience the entire state's diverse landscape, plus its small town streets to the bustling city of Atlanta.
     Here in Sparta, already 150 miles from the coast, Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway - Georgia Route 16 cuts across the rolling hills of the Putnam and Hancock counties, and two of Georgia's travel regions. Beginning in the town of Jewell’s Mill in the east, the Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway winds through the Classic South and over the Oconee River into the Historic Heartland. Connecting Jewell’s Mill with Willard, the 45 mile byway passes rural farmland, wildlife management areas, national forestland, Native rock mounds, historic plantations, and a variety of charming homes and historic buildings. Baxter - Millmore Gristmill, Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway - Georgia Sparta Courthouse, Historic Piedmont Scenic Byway - Georgia
     Aside from a wealth of cultural and historic sites, the byway leads to a dozen or more recreation areas. Featuring Georgia's great outdoors, the Oconee River, Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair provide access for fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking and swimming. More recreation sites in the area offer horseback riding, hunting, camping, biking and golfing.
     Following the Okfuskee Trail, an ancient Indian trail, the byway and a half-dozen side trips point byway travelers to centuries of Georgia’s Piedmont history. So grab a map and head to the Classic South to begin your Piedmont Journey.

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