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North Falls - Silver Falls State Park

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North Falls - Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Photos by Denny Barnes
Denny Barnes Photography

     Well within a 45 minute drive from Salem and the I-5 corridor, Silver Falls State Park lies in a unique Upper North Falls - Silver Falls State Park area with a cluster of 17 waterfalls. While enthusiasts revel in Oregon's spectacular waterfall settings, nothing's better than having a series of falls located in one area. Similar to Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania, the Silver Falls State Park area was once considered as an addition to the national park ranks.
     During the late 1800s, the region surrounding Silver Creek was heavily logged, leaving behind an eyesore consisting of treeless hills and acres of stumps. Another case where Roosevelt’s tree army is called to the rescue, the Civilian conservation Corps replanted trees, built park roads, picnic facilities, trails, piped in water and erected the South Falls Lodge.
     Covering over 9000 acres today, Autumn View North Falls - Silver Falls State Park Silver Falls is Oregon's largest state park. The park offers camping, equestrian trails and 25 miles of backcountry trails. But, as you would guess, the main attraction here is the Trail of Ten Falls.
     Seen in this frosty view from a road-side overlook a few miles away, North Falls and Upper North Falls (inset) may be easily reached from the North Falls Trailhead. Although it's not the tallest in the park, this beautiful horsetail plunges 137 feet. One of four Silver Creek waterfalls that drop over a large rock amphitheater, it's one the park's waterfall sites you may walk behind. With a large cave-like recess behind the falls (inset), its amphitheater-like qualities dramatically increase the thunderous decibels. Surrounded by Douglas fir and western hemlock, a fresh layer of snow createss a rare winter view of North Falls.

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