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Lumberjack Show

Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

Photos by Bob Goldman

     With a rugged group of expert lumberjacks, some razor sharp equipment, and a mix of corny jokes, Ketchikan puts on a popular hour long exhibition of logging Lumberjacksevents. The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show features a page right out of Alaskan history with old fashion axe swinging and lumbering skills. These professional ironjacks, gathered from around the nation, show off power, speed, strength and expertise when it comes to making wood chips and sawdust.
     Numerous events have the world’s best athletes Lumberjackscompete in axe throwing, chopping, climbing, sawing, and log rolling for the supreme title of Bull of the Woods. Timberjacks display their skills in events where you’ll see razor sharp speed axes cut through a log in seconds, or deft footed jacks pitted together on a rolling log, trying to throw their opponent off while maintaining balance on a floating log.
     Kids and kids-at-heart are fascinated with Ketchikan's Historic Creek Street sporting competition. Performing for cruise ship passengers, this up-close lumberjack show is so much better than viewing it on television.



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