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Blue Hill Bay

Blue Hill Bay

Photo by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

     It was the native Penobscot Indians that named the area kollegewidgwok, meaning blue hill on shining green water. And here, along Maine's seacoast, it has always been about the alluring waters. As the evening sun heads westward, it begins to cast a golden glow on this inviting New England harbor scene. The working class fishing crews have returned to the port after a log day on the water, just as they always had since the town took shape in 1762. Early settlers took advantage of the large and well protected Blue Hill Bay. In addition to fishing, the various ports around the bay were heavily involved with local lumber shipments, exporting granite from the six nearby quarries, and naturally, the towns people were involved with shipbuilding.
     Today, just like Blue Hill's famous neighbor, Bar Harbor on the Frenchman Bay, these coastal towns entertain a large number of tourists. It's sights such as this picturesque harbor, with its classic fishing boats, and the area's cozy villages that make up the perfect retreat.



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