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Dodge City Locomotive #1139

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Locomotive 1139 - Dodge City,  Kansas

Photos by Ben Prepelka

   The early Kansas railroad line, built along the Arkansas River, was a key element in the birth and growth of Dodge City. The Kansas town became the eastern hub of the cattle industry, moving longhorns to the east. Before railroads moved into the West, cattle drives from the south Texas grasslands proved unprofitable and dangerous. Outbreaks of Texas Fever, frequent Indian attacks, and cattle thieves stalled many cattle drives. The new idea of shipping cattle by rail easily attracted wealthy investors. Dodge City Welcome Sign
   The Santa Fe Depot was moved to Dodge City in 1877. The two-story brick Santa Fe Railway depot, built in 1898, was completely restored in 2002. Adding steam locomotive #1139 was a fine compliment to the historic AT&SF Line. The Boot Hill Special symbolizes Dodge City's lifeline to outside world, an all important railroad connection. This Baldwin Locomotive Works engine dates back to 1903, having logged more than a million miles during its working life. The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway donated the 150 ton engine to the Boot Hill Museum in 1954. Volunteers, museum staff and movers relocated the old steam locomotive (categorized by a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement - Atlantic type) to its present site nearby the southwest corner of the Boot Hill Museum.

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