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Lake Eufaula

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Lake Eufaula - Eufaula, Oklahoma

Photos by Donna Langley

     For those unfamiliar with the state of Oklahoma, one's initital thoughts of the state may focus on the historic aspects of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s, road-trippers may cherish the nostalgic Route 66, or college football fans will suggest the Sooners of the University of Oklahoma. For all these out-of-staters, this may be their first glimpse of Lake Eufaula. Built by the Army Corp of Engineers, a 121 million dollar dam created the largest lake in Oklahoma. Often called the Gentle Giant, Lake Eufaula Dam took eight years to build and amassed nearly four million acre-feet of water. Completed in 1964, the dam was dedicated by President Lyndon B. Johnson on September 25. Eufaula Dam provided flood control for Canadian River and downstream, the Arkansas River. The dam also provides electric power to the area, capable of producing 90,000 kilowatts of electricity.
     With a shoreline of 600 miles, one can only imagine thousands of acres of open water for recreation. Known as one of the top Oklahoma lakes for bass and crappie fishing, Lake Eufaula attracts even more anglers with its annual Crappiefest. Over 1000 crappie are distributed around the Lake Eufaula Skier lake, tagged with prizes from 25 to 50,000 dollars. Other prizes may include a new boat, motor and trailer. Two Oklahoma state parks on the lake offer visitors a great introduction to Lake Eufaula. Lying on a peninsula and nearly surrounded by water, Arrowhead State Park not only caters to water sports, but features riding stables, an 18-hole golf course, a playground and petting zoo.
     Formally known as Fountain Head State Park, Lake Eufaula Park is located just south of I-40 and naturally features plenty of water related activities. For those not quite ready for hiking and biking trails, the Deep Fork Nature Center offers visitors a unique way to learn about Oklahoma's native plants and animals. Here at Lake Eufaula State Park guests may also enjoy a round of golf and great lake views from the course. Looking for an easy way to entertain kids ... horseback rides, a fishing pond and bike trails are all available at the park.

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