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Bighorn Mesa

Bighorn Mesa

Photo by Rob Jones
Wilderness Vagabond - Trip Reports

     That's Bighorn Mesa looming 1300 feet over the Green River Valley, an impressive section of the Canyonlands called Labyrinth Canyon. This wonderful Stillwater section of the river has fast become a favorite of canoeing and kayaking fans, taking multi-day trips through BLM area and the national park's Island-in-the-Sky and Maze districts. Covering southeastern Utah, there are few places in the world that compare to this dramatic canyonland scenery. A relatively new addition to the Utah's Grand Loop of parks, Canyonlands was established in 1964 and added 337,598 acres to park inventory. Fort Bottom Ruin
     After millions of years of rock-building or a sediment collection process in the southwest, the uplifting of the Colorado Plateau signaled a new beginning of activity by the Green and Colorado rivers. This land, bending to the rules of erosion, began the canyonlands creation roughly 10 million years ago and continues today along the faster moving river rapids. But in the Stillwater section, river speed has slowed to a crawl, dropping only a foot and a half for every mile.
     Interesting artifacts, pictographs and ancient dwellings give canoeists a good excuse to stretch their legs. Marvelous side canyons contain the works of an 1,000 years old ancestral Puebloan culture. Fort Bottom Ruin remains one of the more dramatic reminders of residents from the past, a tower-like rock structure found throughout the southwest.



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