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Hoh Rain Forest

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Hoh Rain Forest - Olympic National Park, Washington

Photos by Sam Prepelka
Hall of Mosses inset by Andy Cook

     Cool summers, temperate winters and 160 inches of Hall of Mosses - Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington yearly rain created one of the most dramatic rain forests in North America. Here along the coast of Washington State a variety of ferns and plants cover every square inch of the Hoh Valley floor. Mosses are found draped over the living as well as fallen conifers. Trees so huge that they astound the majority of Hoh Rain Forest visitors with their size. Fallen trees, which slowly decay, are thought of as nursery logs, Fallen Hemlock supporting new growth in the eternal circle of life.
     The Hoh Rain Forest is just one section of Washington's Olympic National Park. This massive park, surrounded by water on three sides, is noted for its various forestland life zones, majestic mountains and giant trees. The Hoh Rain Forest is found in the western section of the park and access follows the 50 mile Hoh River from U.S. Route 101. Here, the visitor center is open daily throughout the summer months and closing, except for weekends, during the remainder of the year. Trails are woven through the rain forest allowing visitors a close-up look of the marvelous, yet eerie rain forest tapestry.


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