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Floyd Country Store - Floyd, Virginia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Serving the community for over 100 years, the Floyd Country Store survived a scare during the 1990s when area shoppers began to patronize Virginia's larger chains. Floyd Country Store Housewares Staying open one evening a week, the store hung on just for its famous Friday Night Jamboree.
     Known as Cockenham's General Store, former owners were members of a local Bluegrass band. During Friday night's practice session, passersby would duck inside the store to hear the music. Pretty soon other musicians joined in, the crowds gathered and the rest is history.
     Part of the town's revitalization effort in 2007, the old general store was brought back to life. Now a landmark on Virginia's Crooked Road and Heritage Music Trail, articles on the rebirth of The Floyd Country Store appeared in the New York Times, Heritage Music Trail Sign Washington Post, Southern Living and the Smithsonian Magazine, bringing about a surge in popularity.
     Yes, it's a real country store, featuring everything from barrels of Floyd Country Store Candy Barrels candy to hand kitchen utensils, and hand-dipped ice cream to bib overalls.
     Just a stone's throw from Floyd's only traffic light, the greeting at the door says Loitering allowed. The store remains a gathering place where residents discuss farming topics as well as take advantage of the store's internet hot spot. It's a general store throughout the week (closed Tuesday and Wednesday) and a lively music and dance hall every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

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