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South Big Horn/Redwall National Backway

Hole-in-the-Wall Valley

Photo by Ron McEwan
Zenfolio Gallery

     A combination of five county roads make up Wyoming's South Big Horn/Redwall National Backway. Heading west from Casper, County Road 124 heads north, climbing the 32 mile long Stock Driveway. Reading much like cowboy country, some of the features along the byway include Roughlock Hill, Buffalo Creek, the Centennial Sheep Monument, Hole-in-the-Wall, and Deadman Butte.
     Pictured here is the valley cut by Buffalo Creek, also home for an assortment of notorious outlaws and thieves. About mid-point on the byway, Buffalo Creek's Hole-in-the-Wall was headquarters for Jesse James, the Logan Brothers, Flat Nose Currie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
     The Wyoming Centennial Sheep Monument pays tribute to the generations of ranchers and the crossroads where millions of sheep were herded to spring pastures. A strong belief that more sheep traveled this route than any other place in the world.



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