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Wendy Run Falls

Wendy Run Falls - West Virginia

Photos by Clayton Parsons
Clayton's Photo Gallery

     West Virginia, the only state lying completely within the Appalachian Range, is well known for its rugged mountains, deep valleys and whitewater streams. Just east of Richwood, Marlinton Road (Route 39/55) heads into the Monongahela National Forest nearby the north and south forks of the Cherry River. Both forks begin their journey to the northwest from the Monongahela Forest highlands, with the North Fork of the Cherry River tracing parts of Route 39/55. Wendy Run Falls
     Here, hiding among the mountain laurel and rhododendron, countless small streams and brooks contribute to the Gauley River Watershed. All these creeks and brooks, fed by springs, snowmelt and rainwater, mark the beginning of West Virginia trout fishing country. Pictured here in this beautiful Monongahela Forest setting, Wendy Run Falls hurries down the mountainside to join the North Fork of the Cherry River. Located east of Richwood, near the Greenbrier-Pocohontas county line, Wendy Run is one the many small woodland streams. You won’t find this one on any map. Waterfall access requires a rugged uphill climb, while blazing your own trail over old cow paths or the streambed. There’s a good chance that this little gem will remain one of those rare treasures for only a lucky few.



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