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San Poil River

San Poil River - Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

     Separated from the Columbia River Valley by the Kettle River Mountain Range, the San Poil River mirrors the north-south direction of the adjacent Columbia. Now held back by the Grand Coulee Dam, the lake area of the Columbia River is named after Franklin D. Roosevelt. As the San Poil River heads south, creating a dividing line between the Colville and Okanogan national forests, it joins FDR Lake at the town of Keller. Over its relative short run, the river is among some of the most favorite trout streams in Washington's northeast.
     Most of the San Poil (gray as far as one can see) lies within the Colville Indian Reservation. Required reservation fishing permits vary in many increments from a single day to an annual pass. Washington’s Route 21 mirrors the San Poil and provides easy access all along its 45 mile run. Rainbows, German brown trout and brookies, with an occasional trophy size trout, entice anglers from all around this section of the state.
     This inviting scene along the bubbling San Poil reminds photographers there's no permit required for sightseeing. The contrasting Kettle River Mountains provide the background for this scene. Autumn’s low hanging sun creates the magic in this photo, brightening fall’s foliage that much more. Excellent fishing, over-nights at Ten Mile campground, and dramatic national forest scenery has earned this section of Route 21 some of the merits of a national forest scenic byway.



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