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Tipoff View - Grand Canyon

Tipoff View - Grand Canyon, Arizona

Photo by Rob Jones
Wilderness Vagabond - Trip Reports

     Long shadows start to creep over the Colorado River below and give a warning sign that there is not enough time to head back to the top, but plans are already in place to overnight on the trail. Here in the canyon, areas of shade are welcome as a summertime hikes are stifling, with little or no breeze. Without cloud cover overhead, the Arizona sun is torturous in this dry desert environment. The hike, dropping in 3000 feet of elevation, is for the self reliant and not for the ill prepared. There are no shortcuts here in the canyon.
     For those who hike to the Tipoff and down into the Grand Canyon, rewards begin with breathtaking views of the immense canyon, close-ups of the Redwall Cliffs and the thrill of walking the edge on this ridgeline descent. This high elevation, 10 mile round-trip hike to the Tipoff requires the energy of a 24 mile excursion. For those willing, the hike begins at the South Kaibab Trailhead near Yaki Point on the South Rim. As with any overnight trip into the Grand Canyon, a permit is required.

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