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Dillard Mill

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Dillard Mill - Davisville, Missouri

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Built on a grassy bluff, and nestled in a hickory and oak hardwood forest, the Dillard Mill creates one of Missouri's most picturesque historic sites. The mill takes full advantage of the Mill Turbine Example power from Huzzah Creek, a clear water tributary of the Meramec River. The present day mill, built in 1908, uses a Samson turbine, which lies undetected under the water flume. Avoiding corrosion, the turbine shafts use wooden bearings.
   During its heyday, the mill ran 18 hours a day and produced 60, 196-pound barrels of flour. Before the widespread use of electricity and gasoline powered vehicles, water-power was used to run 20 mill sites in a 40 mile radius. Today this historic mill still houses original mill machinery and operates the millstones for tours. The 132 acre Dillard Mill State Historic Site also features the Mill View Trail, picnic areas and a clear Ozark creek and mill pond.

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