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Seul Choix Pointe

Seul Choix Pointe

Photos by Ben Prepelka

      It was essential to have a hip pocket listing of safe harbors when navigating Lake Michigan, characterized by capricious weather, encountered during spring and fall shipping seasons. During the early 1800s, the height of maritime traffic, it was recognized that an area of shoreline from Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse St. Helen Island to Manistique, lacked the necessary navigational beacons. Congress eventually appropriated 15,000 dollars for a midpoint lighthouse at Seul Choix (sis Shwa) Pointe, along Michigan's upper peninsula in 1886.
     Construction progress on the lighthouse was slow. A temporary beacon siphoned away building funds. Work was hampered by material shortages, bouts of severe weather, and lack of thoughtful planning. The work would take nine years before the new 56 foot tower was complete.
     Today, this handsome light station stands guard over Seul Choix Pointe, pictured here, meaning only choice, referring to the only safe haven within ten miles of the town of Gulliver. After automation, the beacon was left unattended for a decade and restoration was left to the local citizens, who had formed Gulliver Historical Society. Successfully listed on the National Historic Register, the lighthouse was restored in time for the centennial celebration in 1995.



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