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Dells Mill

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Dell's Mill -  Augusta, Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Between 1850 and 1880, Wisconsin farmers produced a record amount of wheat. Before this huge spurt of wheat production, farmers supported 33 grist mills scattered over the state. By 1880, more than 1000 mills went into operation to handle the record quantity of grain. Eventually soil weakened with over production, and farmers having little to show for their efforts, packed up and moved westward. Mills went idle, and most were eventually taken over by the elements.
   Dells Mill was one of many flourishing mills in Wisconsin during the mid 1800s. Entrance - Dells Mill Built in 1864, the mill exchanged ownership a few times before being transferred to J. Frank Clark. A rare survivor, the mill seat included 16 acres, a boarding house, school and the five story mill. Built alongside Bridge Creek, the mill continued operating for more than a century and has stayed in the Clark family for four generations.
   Utilizing an overshot wheel, 3000 feet of conveyor belts and 175 pulleys, the five story mill still grinds grain the old fashion way. The building itself is supported by hand hewn timbers, held together by wooden pegs. In 1968 Dells Mill ceased commercial operation and was converted into a museum. The mill, nearby Augusta, Wisconsin, is open for daily tours from May 1st through October and also features antiques and a gun shop.
   Dells Mill Update: The mill's proprietor, Gustave Clark, passed away in 2014. While the mill remained open on weekends, its future is unknown.

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