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Goddard White Bridge

Goddard White Bridge

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     The majority of Kentucky's collection of covered bridges date back to the post Civil War era. The state once boasted over 400 covered bridges, but loses quickly tallied up during the Civil War. Through the foresight of many bridge aficionados, thirteen of these architectural treasures are still standing and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
     Three covered bridges remain in Fleming County, just south of Flemingsburg. This scenic United Methodist Churchhighway route is often referred to as the History with a Roof Scenic Drive. This view of the Goddard White bridge shows a 1968 refurbished example of the only Ithiel Town Lattice design in Kentucky. The actual date of construction is unknown, but this type of design dates back to the 1820s. The bridge, maybe the oldest in the state, spans Sand Lick Creek alongside Route 32 in Goddard and is still in use today, providing access to the United Methodist Church. From inside the 60 foot bridge, a framed view of the church creates a photographer's challenge.



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