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Lancaster County

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Photo by Terri Prepelka

     Lancaster County, one of the first western counties in Pennsylvania, was established in 1729. During the early 1700's European immigrants settled into the area in waves. These newcomers enjoyed some of the richest farmland in the United States. This southeastern section of the state is made up of rolling hills and limestone plains.
     This idyllic farm scene, found along the Old Philadelphia Pike, is nearby the town of Bird-in-Hand. Lancaster County is ranked number one in agriculture, adding nearly one billion dollars to the local economy. The piedmont region's fertile land is the result of three geological areas, the New Red (Trias) Sandstone belt, Central Silurian plain and the Southern Azoic land. The county's farming success is aided by even rainfall, gradual sloping hills and a moderate climate. Despite unparalleled soils that produced more food per acre than any other (non-irrigated) county in the United States, farmers are faced with a dilemma of whether to sow or sell. Due to urbanization, the region is permanently losing some of its best farmland.



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