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Telegraph Store and Post Office

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Telegraph Store and Post Office - Texas

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   You won't find any road signs indicating the mileage to Telegraph, Texas. Nor will you find many people living there. Last census poll indicates a population of three. History recorded a peak in the mid 1960s when the town topped 50 residents. This area, found in the Llano River Valley, was once a popular fishing and hunting locale. Today, the South Llano River State Park still is a prime area for hunting, with areas for picnicking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and hiking.
   The town's unique name, part of the mystique surrounding Telegraph, is found only on a pair of road signs surrounding a combination post office and general store. Faded Post Office Marquee - Telegraph, Texas The Kimble County landmark was named for a nearby canyon where trees were cut for telegraph poles in the mid 1800s. The telegraph connected a string of U.S. Army military bases nearby, leaving the town with an odd name. It's quiet in telegraph, even though it's just 15 miles from I-10. Mule deer sprint across the two-lane highway, not expecting cars to travel through their domain. This stop along the Texas Pecos Trail gives U.S. Route 377 travelers a brief history lesson about Telegraph. The post office was established between 1890 and 1900, still retaining its rustic charm and clutter from a century of service.

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