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Virginia Beach - Virginia

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  Some of the first Europeans arrived in the New World where southern banks of the Chesapeake Bay meet Atlantic Paddle Boarder the Atlantic Ocean. First explored by the Spanish in 1570, the lone ship stopped at present-day Newport News. English colonization followed, led by Captain Christopher Newport, one of the most successful privateers of the 16th century. During this early colonization in 1607, ships landed at a point they dubbed Cape Henry. Here at this seafaring intersection, the Cape Henry area became a popular destination for British ships trading for American tobacco.
  Some of the first Europeans arrived in the New World where southern Today, the beach is the most populated area in Virginia, with the independent cities of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach covering the coast. Beach Surfboard Roundup Known as the "Tidewater Region" or more specifically Hampton Roads, this area is filled with 400 years of American history. Aside from history, the resort city of Virginia Beach is big on real estate and tourism, boasting the longest pleasure beach in the world. The endless beach, making the Guinness Book of Records, offers a three mile boardwalk, a varied collection of restaurants and hotels, world class golf courses, and dozens of nearby attractions.
  Some of the first Europeans arrived in the New World where southern The modern city of Virginia Beach, created in 1963, is treasured for its mild winters and subtropical climate. With miles of beautiful beaches, it's not uncommon to see the shoreline blanketed with beach umbrellas, beach chairs, surfboard collections and a throng of sun worshippers. Even though Virginia Beach entertains nearly three million visitors every year, there are miles of wide open beaches, and plenty of seasonal events and attractions.

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