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Sandy Creek Covered Bridge

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Sandy Creek Covered Bridge (World Guide Number: 37-06-09) - Remote Oregon

Photos by Terri Prepelka

     Surprisingly, the covered bridge idea has been around for hundreds of centuries, long before 19th century Americans embraced it and went on a bridge building frenzy. Ancient records reported the use of covered bridges in Babylon during the 7th century BC, while the Italian Andrea Palladio was first to use a kingpost truss in his bridge design in 1570. Europeís broad use of stone as a building material quietly displaced the use of wood in bridge construction.
     With more trees than could ever be used, early Americans soon re-discovered the covered bridge. Sandy Creek Covered Bridge - Remote, Oregon And today, the state of Oregon features the largest collection of these historic treasures in the West. Oregonís Department of Transportation recently completed a covered bridge survey, and now offers a website with photos, maps, and bridge information. Available in an Adobe PDF version, the bridge guide is also available as a CD version on request (the bridge guide may not work with all browsers).
     Sandy Creek Bridge, one of Oregonís 50 covered bridges, is found in the foothills of Oregon's coastal mountains. The Sandy Creek Covered Bridge was bypassed in 1949 by a modern bridge and remained unmaintained until the mid 80s. A group of volunteers restored the 90 year old bridge, including a new roof, structural members, and a bright coat of white paint. This 60 foot long historic treasure in Coos County is used as a pedestrian bridge in Sandy Creek Park.

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