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Punderson Manor

Punderson Manor

Photos and Feature Article
by Monnie Ryan
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     Halloween brings out the young ghosts and goblins, anxious for sweet treats and an evening of scary fun. Pictured here is the Punderson Manor, the stately 41-room English Tudor-style house in Punderson State Park, Newbury, Ohio. Not waiting for Halloween, it seems that this spooky Manor House has reported ghostly specters anytime of year. Spirits, upset with a 1951 remodel, have made their presence known. Guests began reporting sightings that appeared suddenly and disappeared just as fast, often in a chilling blast of air. Some had visions of characters in costume, while others noticed lights that inexplicably flickered, faucets that turned on and off and, later, TV sets that suddenly turned on in the middle of the night and even neatly stacked linens and towels that mysteriously wound up strewn across the rooms. Some say itís a natural after-effect of the tragedies the owners experienced; rumor has it that Punderson himself may have committed suicide by drowning.
     In 1951, the Buckeye State's Division of Parks and Recreation obtained the area to be developed as a 741-acre state park. The park includes an 18-hole, championship-rated public golf course, 26 rentable cabins nestled in the woods near the lake, 14 miles of hiking trails and a 196-site campground. The Manor House, operated by Xanterra Parks & Resorts, now a resort and conference center, boasts indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 31 guest rooms, 26 cabins nestled in the woods overlooking the lake and a full-service dining room.



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