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Larwood Covered Bridge

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Larwood Covered Bridge - Larwood Wayside Park, Scio, Oregon

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Oregon's beautiful string of coastal beaches and parks, plus the state's majestic Cascade Mountains Shimanek Covered Bridge - Scio Bridge Tour, Oregon take top billing when it comes to attractions noted for their scenic beauty. Somewhat overshadowed by mountains and beaches, Oregon's historic covered bridges and bridge tours are another sightseeing opportunity. Two of the largest concentrations of old bridges are located nearby the towns of Scio and Cottage Grove. Both coastal villages vie for the title of Covered Bridge Capital, but Albany Hannah Covered Bridge - Scio Bridge Tour, Oregon and neighboring Scio's count of eight posts a slim lead in the number of bridges, bolstering its claim as the Covered Bridge Capital of the West.
     One of the popular Scio bridge settings, here the Larwood Bridge casts its reflection onto Crabtree Creek. The surrounding Larwood Wayside Park, Crabtree Creek - Larwood Wayside Park, Scio, Oregon just under five acres, offers a great picnic area, access to Roaring River and Crabtree Creek, and the park's centerpiece ... a 70 year old covered bridge. Here, Roaring River puts on a show with an attractive, yet tame cascade, complete with a soothing gurgle of fast flowing water.
     The town of Scio is found just east of Albany and I-5, where numerous streams find their way to the Santiam River. Roaring River and Crabtree Creek are two of many streams that flow down from the Cascade Mountains and cut across the rich farmlands of the Willamette Valley, creating a need for plenty of bridges.

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