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Kelly Covered Bridge - Allegany State Park, New York

Photos by Gerri Jones
Gerri Jones Photography

      New York's Allegany State Park, one of the state's largest parks, appears to continue right across the border into Pennsylvania as a huge natural preserve. Spelled a little differently, this large section of Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest doubles as the Allegheny Recreation Area. Back across the border, New York's Enchanted Mountains are known for their broad vistas, rolling hills and beautiful hardwood forests. This northern most section of the Allegheny Highlands Region puts on a colorful show during mid October with an exceptional spread of brilliant foliage. During its peak, park visitors may find a treasure trove of other scenic wonders as well. Sprinkled with impressive rock outcroppings, natural beaver ponds and an endless web of trails, there are many ways to enjoy this showcase of nature's splendor. Whether it's by car, on foot, by bike or horseback, the park's 65,000 acres are open for exploration.
     Occupying the northern section of the park, the Red House area's attractions include Stone Tower, the Summit Fire Tower, Red House Lake, Bridal Falls, Tudor Style Administration Building - circa 1928 and the Art Roscoe Ski Area. This colorful scene captures the Thomas L. Kelly covered bridge which spans Red House Creek. This modern 110 foot pedestrian bridge adds another charming detail to the park.
     First developed and reforested from 1933 to 1942 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the park continued to expand with additions of Quaker Lake, winterized cabins, full service cottages, hiking and snowmobile trails, picnic areas, biking trails and equestrian paths. Self-guided nature trails and paved biking lanes encourage independent activities, but organized events also guide groups on nature walks and birding quests.

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