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Baby Rocks Mesa

Baby Rocks Mesa

Photo by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

     The Navajo, Diné, passed through three different worlds before arriving at the present world, The Fourth World. Their holy people have taught the Diné to live in harmony with Mother Earth, Father Sky and the surrounding plants and animals. Their culture tells of four directions, four seasons, the First Four Clans and four sacred mountains.
     Unfortunately these traditional ways are quickly fading, seeing three-quarters of 21st century Navajo youth unable to speak their native language. Medicine men, key to performing rituals and ceremonies, are becoming scarce. Fortunately, some of their legends live on, as related in this feature. Baby Rocks Mesa, located 15 miles from Kayenta, a sorority of hoodoos, tells of a Navajo legend of a girl who refused to share bread with her sister. She is now one of the standing spires of this collection of Morrison and Zuni sandstone images.
     Small adventures lie amid the 27,000 square miles of the Navajo Nation's high desert, its mountains and canyonlands. The reservation covers a large portion of Arizona, a southern edge of Utah, and a section of New Mexico. Arizona's U.S. Route 160, site of the Baby Rocks, has quite a few outstanding features from Kayenta to Tuba City.



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