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Fort Union Trading Post

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Bourgeois House - Fort Union Trading Post NHS, North Dakota

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Leaving behind a collection of extensive drawings and a detailed Entrance - Fort Union Trading Post NHS, North Dakota journal, two company clerks from the mid 19th century provided great insight during the reconstruction of Fort Union Trading Post. Located on the Upper Missouri River, the 444-acre park straddles the North Dakota-Montana border. The Fort Union Trading Post flourished from 1828 to 1867 until increased hostilities forced its sale to the U.S. Army. This important Bastion (tower) - Fort Union Trading Post NHS, North Dakota trading post of the time lasted for nearly 40 years, where over 559,000 artifacts have been recovered. Its life span was during a period before the Plains Wars and saw a peaceful coexistence between Plains Indians and white traders until western expansion forced American Indian tribes into an ever shrinking area. Eight tribes, including the Assiniboine, Blackfeet, Crow, Hidatsa, Mandan, Plains Chippewa, Plains Cree, and Sioux played a significant role in the fortís history. Ethnographic studies continue to further understand Small Cannon - Fort Union Trading Post NHS, North Dakota the connections between the American Indians and the Fort Union Trading Post.
     The full scale replica fort covers more than an acre, but it's dwarfed by a wide open prairie. Aided by Friends of Fort Union, the reconstructed fort is surrounded by 18 foot high, whitewashed palisade walls, set off by two defensive bastions (towers). Inside, the main Bourgeois house doubles as today's visitor center. The replica is built on the same footprint as the original. Details include a bell tower, large flagpole, ice house, blacksmith shop and massive gates. The fort is operated by the National Parks Service and is open to the public.

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