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Crystal Cove State Park

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Crystal Cove State Park - Laguna Beach, CA

Photos by Nick Havrilla

   Once a part of the Irvine cattle ranch, Crystal Cove State Park takes full advantage of the three miles of beautiful California coast and 2400 acres of upland landscape in the San Joaquin Hills. Crystal Cove Surf The state park stretches across the Pacific Coast Highway and highlights a 1920s coastal village of small cottages. Phase I of a refurb project to this historic district now provides 13 cottages for overnight use. The Beachcomber Cafe and Crystal Cove Shake Shack provide park guests with food service.
   Old Irvine Ranch roads provide the basis for a network of park trails. The well used El Moro Canyon trail heads into the canyon narrows, offering a chance to explore the foothills. The seven mile roundtrip trail and loop leads to a 700 foot high ridge-top, where Catalina, San Clemente and the San Joaquin Hills come into view. An incredible ridge for sunset views, this hike is without a doubt a great cardio workout.
   This southern California beach attracts surfers, skin divers and beachgoers, while tidal pools, secluded coves, and an offshore underwater park offer plenty of areas for more exploration.

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