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Lewis Falls

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Lewis Falls - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   While most Yellowstone National Park visitors are enthralled by its steaming geysers and very visible wildlife, some are especially taken by Lower Yellowstone Falls, perhaps the most impressive waterfalls in North America.
   Traveling through the southern entrance to the park, many of the 700,000 park visitors are introduced to Yellowstone's 47 named waterfalls at Lewis Falls and Kepler Cascades. Easily seen from the roadside, Lewis Falls is just about 10 miles north of Kepler Cascade - Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone's southern entrance. Named for Meriwether Lewis of the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition, here the Lewis River drops 30 feet over a broad ledge. Because the falls is one of the first roadside stops, excited visitors have created many informal pathways to waterfall viewpoints. The park service is working with the Montana Youth Conservation Corps to clearly define and rebuild the length of the falls trail.
   As visitors get closer to Old Faithful, another roadside waterfall beckons. Kepler Cascades, about 2.5 miles south of Old Faithful, were named in 1881 for the Wyoming Territorial Governor's son, Kepler Hoyt. Here, the Firehole River roars through a narrow break in a ridge of volcanic rock, fanning out as it plummets 150 feet in multiple cascades.

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