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Chain O Lakes

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Chain O Lakes - Albion, Indiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Located in northeastern Illinois, the Chain O Lakes State Park is located in the heart of the state's largest concentrations of lakes. Stanley Schoolhouse 1915 This series of ten lakes, connected by the Fox River, are of glacial origin. Large chunks of glacial ice were buried by receding ice sheets and later melted, forming what are called kettle lakes. As one would easily guess, the Chain O Lakes Park is all about water activities. Boating, swimming and fishing take top billing in the summer. In the winter, when the lakes are frozen over, ice skating and ice-fishing are some of the favorite pastimes.
   About 80 acres of parkland has been set aside as a nature preserve. Forest areas cover a large portion of the park, As well as being a tasty dish, the trillium flower has also become the state flower of Ohio, and the emblem for the province of Ontario, Canada offering an opportunity to explore the park's woodlands over four trail systems. Campsites and cabins are also nestled in a mature forest of oak, hickory, maple and beech. Wild flowers and wildlife are scattered throughout the forest floor. The nature center utilizes the 1915 Stanley Schoolhouse, where park exhibits, live animals, and a "touch table" entertain local area school children. The center of the classroom displays original school desks, chalkboard and maps. Although the park primarily focuses on a chain of lakes, there are plenty of land-based areas to explore. Located near the Chicago area, the park is open every day except Christmas and offers plenty of family fun.

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