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Sandy Stream Pond

Sandy Stream Pond

Photos by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

Moosie Moose      The Baxter State Park land was donated to the state of Maine by former governor Percival P. Baxter and established as a park in 1931. According to the governor, the rare tract of unspoiled forestland was to be enjoyed by all in its natural state, unmarred by auto access and concessionaires. Over 200 miles of maintained trails wind throughout the park's 200,000 acres, mostly maintained by a volunteer effort.
     The park area is heavily forested, featuring three large lakes, numerous waterfalls and streams, clusters of mountains and the north end of the Appalachian Trail.
     Park visitors are entertained by a wide variety of wildlife and scenic views in all directions. Don't expect to find electricity, running water, paved roads, stores or gas stations; in keeping with Governor Baxter's wishes of maintaining the park area in a forever wild state. Even the park headquarters is found 20 miles from the park, in Millinocket, Maine.



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