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Lone Cabbage

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Lone Cabbage Restaurant - Cocoa, Florida

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The Lone Cabbage, Outdoor Deck, Lone Cabbage Restaurant - Cocoa, Florida an old style Florida fish camp that dates back to the 1940s, continues to put on a delectable southern feast every day. Located on the banks of the St. Johns River, it's been said you can see your dinner swimming by from the outdoor deck. The Lone Cabbage Restaurant is famous for its frog legs, turtle, gator tail and catfish, with plenty of ice cold beer to cool any summertime thirst.
   A freshwater river famous for alligators and air-boat rides, Lone Cabbage is also a busy haven for Florida tourists. Friendly Alligator, Lone Cabbage Restaurant - Cocoa, Florida With a compelling desire to see alligators for the first time, air-boat pilots try to please and do their best to spot as many of these huge reptiles as possible. Most private air-boats may seat just a few riders, but the tour boats here on the St Johns are set up for large groups of sightseers. Departing from the dock just below the restaurant, river tours last about a half-hour. In-depth private ECO Tours range from an hour to an hour and a half. With speeds up to 45 mph, this is one of the coolest way to view Florida wildlife, which often include bald eagles, wading Twister Airboat Tour - St Johns River, Florida birds and wild hogs.
   Running north on the river for 20 miles, following its snake-like twists and turns, it soon becomes apparent that the Lone Cabbage is the only mark of civilization on this section of the St. Johns River. With all of its side channels, cuts and lagoons, the river becomes an interesting maze, and any return trip begins a challenging memory test. With no direction signs and little chance of following the delicious smells wafting on the wind from the restaurant, boaters must rely on the basics ... the river current always flows northward.

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