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One Dali Boulevard

One Dali Boulevard - The Dali, St Petersburg, Florida

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     One Dali Boulevard, housing a tribute to one of the world’s most famous abstract artists, is located on the waterfront in St. Petersburg. The Dali Museum Following a modern theme of the rational and fantastic, the plain rectangular building greets its visitors with a 21st century geodesic glass bubble.
     Noted for his art work that inspired a variety of modernist movements, Salvador Dali is said to have created a visual language which captured his dreams and hallucinations. One of his most famous paintings, the iconic Persistence of Memory, highlights the Surrealist Period. The series of melting watches and swarming ants brings to life one of Dali's childhood memories.
     Protected inside the hurricane-proof walls of Dali Museum, visitors are welcomed to a theater, Dali-inspired merchandise and a Spanish-themed cafe. The second floor houses any extensive library and administration offices. The third floor offers a chronological collection of Dali paintings. The Dali Gardens Illuminated by special skylights, the Dali collection includes key works from Salvador Dali's entire career. Spanning a period from 1904-1989, works include oil paintings, drawings, bookworks, prints, sculptures, photos and manuscripts.
     From the third floor, museum guests are treated to marvelous views of Tampa Bay and the fascinating gardens below. A masterful combination of art and nature, the West Garden, Grotto and East Garden represent Dali's fascination with duality.
     Completed in January 2011, The Dali is dedicated to the education and enjoyment of Dali art. Along with the most complete collection of Dali's work, the museum is listed as one of the top buildings you have to see before you die.



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