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McComb Classic Steam Locomotive #2542

Steam Locomotive #2542

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     The Illinois Central Paducah shops in Kentucky produced 56 locomotives of the 2500 class. The 4-8-2 steam locomotives date back to the late 1930s, and are described as having clean lines and being well proportioned. Today, only two of the Illinois Central engines survive. One of the steam engines is in a Centralia, Illinois park, the other is featured in this view. The 300,000 pound workhorse, #2542, is on display at the Illinois Central Depot in McComb, Mississippi.
     It's these old engines that stir up nostalgic reminders of the days when youngsters, looking for excitement, bicycled their way to the main line. It was a childhood treat to catch a glimpse of a huge steam locomotive as it filled the sky with steam and coal smoke and strained to move a long line of railcars.
     Some of these old locomotives are still active, and thrill tourists on local scenic runs all over the United States. These steam trains have become reminders of the bygone age of railroads and railway travel.



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