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Laughton Glacier

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Laughton Glacier - Skagway, Alaska

Photo by Terry Ragsdale
Inset photo courtesy WP&Y Railroad

   The teaming rush of glacial melt quickly grabs your attention until the dramatic backdrop of the Sawtooth Range and Laughton Glacier come into focus. This awesome scene was found on a popular hike, originating from Skagway, Alaska. The combination scenic train ride White Pass &Yukon Route Railroad and a four mile round-trip climb leads to this magnificent view and offers an up-close glacier experience. Available from May to September, hikers and explorers are reminded to use extreme caution when hiking on the glacier because of concealed crevasses.
   The day trip starts out on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. Just an hour out of Skagway, passengers depart the train and the hike begins. The trail to the glacier leads through the Tongass National Forest, a land of tall grass meadows, sub-alpine forest, bears and mountain goats. Rated as a challenging hike, the tour is said to be well worth the effort, and could be one of the most memorable way to stretch your legs.

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