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Assateague Island Lighthouse

Assateague Island Lighthouse

Photos and Feature Article
by Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan Photography

     Assateague Island, Virginia, the site of Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, is home to a herd of Assateague Ponieswild ponies, thousands of snowy egrets and huge tortoises, all living within the extensive wetlands and marshes.
     The herd of wild ponies is kept at an almost constant count of 150 (a second herd of about 150 is maintained on the Maryland end of the Assateague National Seashore). The Annual Pony Swim, held the last week in July, is a major attraction as the ponies are driven across the channel to nearby Chincoteague Island to be checked for health and tagged. A few are sold at auction, and itís not unusual for buyers to relinquish their purchases, thus allowing those ponies to be returned to Assateague Island with the rest of the herd.
     Another popular attraction for the thousands of visitors, who come to the island each year, is an old faded classic, the Assateague Lighthouse that's now owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The red-and-white striped lighthouse, built in 1867, stands 154 feet above sea level. About 27 feet in diameter at the base, the tower reaches a height of 142 feet and its beacon can be seen nearly 20 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean.



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