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LaGrange Church and Cemetery

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LaGrange Church and Cemetery - Titusville, Florida

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Found in Florida's northern Brevard County, the LaGrange Church and Cemetery are a few remaining remnants of a mid 19th century community established on what is today's Space Coast. Now part of northern Titusville, LaGrange Cemetery - Titusville, Florida David Nathaniel Carlile arrived from Mississippi in 1852 along with his wife and children. Soon joined by South Carolina pioneers, John M. Feaster came with the idea of growing oranges. Enticing letters brought more families, including the Grubers who eventually had nine children. Friendly Natives, stories of Indian River fruit and plenty of wild game brought more and more people to the community.
     The original La Grange meeting house was built in 1869, and just like other community homes logs were used for construction. The church became the social center for these early settlers and is considered the oldest church between New Smyrna Beach and Key West. Sunday services lasted throughout the day and were usually accompanied with dinner served on the grounds. A two-story building followed in 1872, combining a school and church. Surviving to this day, the building was reduced to LaGrange Church and Cemetery - Titusville, Florida a one story church in 1893. Covering the rough-sawn lumber with finished wooden clapboards, the Gothic style church also received a steeple and stained glass windows.
     The Titusville Garden Club was asked to help restore the gravesite of town founder, Henry Titus, in 1881. Later efforts continued to refurbish and preserve the LaGrange Cemetery and church. While cleaning and restoring existing tombstones, more than 100 unmarked graves have been identified. Besides the tombstone of Col. Henry Titus, the La Grange Cemetery holds the graves of many early pioneers. The oldest known headstone belongs to Andrew Feaster, echoing the family name of the earliest arrivals to LaGrange.

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