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The Subway

Zion Subway

Photos by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

     This subway is far from the big city and commuter crowds. In fact, this unique channel is limited to a 50 travelers per day. A branch of the North Creek Hike Requiring Rappel Skillshas tunneled its way Zion National Park's Navajo and Kayenta sandstone, creating a dramatic destination, requiring a strenuous 9 mile round trip in the backcountry. The long oval passageway is marked with some deep river channels and small cascades, where North Creek flows through the Lower Kolob Plateau.
     The Subway, found along Kolob Road and departing from the Left Fork Trailhead, is far enough from Zion Canyon to be considered off the beaten track. From the town of Virgin, Utah, Kolob Road heads northward through Kolob Plateau and to the reservoir, where the paved road ends. This backcountry area is full on surprises, with its natural wonders, small waterfalls and plenty of canyonlands.



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