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The Spectacles

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The Spectacles (North and South Windows - Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Clear blue skies, miles of red-rock vistas, a sprinkling of green pinyon pine and juniper trees and an extraordinary South Window - Windows Section, Arches National Park, Utahcollection of sculpted rock windows briefly describe Arches National Park. Here in east-central Utah over 2000 catalogued arches range from tiny three foot openings to the world's largest arch span. Graced with towering slabs of sandstone, odd shaped pinnacles and balancing rocks, Arches Park offers a unique story of Utah geology. Freeze and thaw cycles, extreme tempertatures and underground salt layers are all part of the geologic story in this wonderland of arches. The same erosional forces that help create arches and destroy others are still at work. Although a rarity, a few Arches visitors witnessed a sandstone slab breaking loose from Landscape Arch. Another rare event in August, 2008, Wall Arch, adjacent the Devils Garden Trail, gave in to gravity and surprisingly collapsed.
   These Spectacles from The Windows Section of the park Double Arch - Windows Section, Arches National Park, Utah may not help you see any better, but add a humorous note to the interesting sculpted rock scenery in Arches National Park. Just by chance these two arches, the North and South Windows, lie side-by-side and make up the huge Spectacles. Visitors, walking closer to the huge opening in the inset photo, give some hint of scale to these wonders of nature. The area, categorized as desert, is only covered in a very sparse amount of plant life. Unlike arches and natural bridges in the eastern half of the United States covered in vegetation, Arches Park offers an unhindered view of all these wonderful sandstone features.

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