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Naches River

Naches River - Washington

Photo by Jim Stiles
Jim's Photo Gallery

     Here in the Nile Valley, this peaceful autumn scene of the Naches River doesn't quit live up to its Native American name, meaning rough or turbulent waters. But it's not always calm in the Norse Peak Wilderness Area; this time last year Naches residents were shocked when a massive landslide closed a 47 mile stretch of Route 410. Without warning, the slumping mountainside gave way and pushed the highway into the Naches River, flooded homes, and left residents without power. Called a rotational landslide, geologists concluded that the earth shifted underneath the hillside, anything but a traditional landslide. Fortunately no injuries were reported, power lines were re-connected, and local residents chipped in and helped those with serious flooding problems.
     Here along the Naches today, sections of the 34 mile river still offer a class II and III whitewater experience. Paddlers and rafters not only revel in the exhilarating ride, but also bask in the splendid Northern Cascade Mountain scenery. Although fed by several main tributaries, historically the Naches begins to slow in late summer, making river runs difficult. From the appearance of this view of the Naches River, October is the time of year to store the funyaks and take a sightseeing tour in the Nile Valley.



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