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Two Harbors Lighthouse

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Two Harbors Lighthouse - Two Harbors, Minnesota

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   You'll find the town of Two Harbors about 25 miles north of Duluth on Minnesota's North Shore Drive. A trip between the two cities would have taken the better part of a day in the mid 1800s due to the lack of roads in this rugged Paul Bunyan territory. During the late 19th century, it still took lake bound transports to move goods and passengers to lumber camps along the shoreline of Lake Superior.
   The Two Harbors name stems from two natural harbors, the Agate Harbor and Burlington Bay. Establishment of the Two Harbor Lighthouse in 1892 propelled the Agate Harbor into a bustling shipping port, recording 1300 ships moving in and out during the first year. Agate Harbor - Two Harbors, Minnestota Maritime traffic moved iron ore from the Mesabi Range and lumber from the coastal forests, as well as Great Lakes passengers.
   The Two Harbors Light-station, the oldest operating lighthouse in Minnesota, was built of brick, incorporating the head-keeper's quarters with the light-tower. The 12 foot square tower, nearly 50 feet in height, was constructed with courses of brick laid three deep. Not quite as picturesque as its northern neighbor, the Split Rock Light, the Two Harbors Light still enjoys a flood of summer tourists.
   Today, the light-station, listed on the National Register of Historic places, doubles as a bed and breakfast and is operated by the Lake County Historic Society. Restored buildings on the complex are open to the public for tours, all housing some very unique maritime exhibits.

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