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Willow Brook Farm Garden Center

Harding's Willow Brook Farm Garden Center, Pattenburg, NJ

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Records as far back as the late 1700s indicated New Jersey depended on industry as a leading sector of their economy. The state's first factory town along the Passaic River was a model for industry that helped shaped the state. An early network of roads, canals and railways moved these goods to market as New Jersey enjoyed its place as one of America's leading industrial states.
     New Jersey's baffling nickname, The Garden State, seems to have taken root at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1867. Supplying the nearby metro cities of New York and Philadelphia with fresh farm products, the Garden State name lingered until state legislators voted to add the nickname to the state's license plates. Even though vetoed by the governor, the promotional campaign took off. Harding's Willow Brook Farm Garden Center Although restricted to 790,000 acres of farmland, New Jersey’s ranks high in blueberry, cranberry, spinach, pepper, lettuce and peach production. Today, the state's agriculture industry is still promoted with its Jersey Fresh campaign.
     This colorful fall photo takes in Harding's Willow Brook Farm Garden Center in Pattenburg. The Hardings take pride in a beautiful assortment of plants, veggies, herbs and seasonal flower arrangements. Potted mums, scarecrows, and Indian corn spell autumn throughout the country, and colorful rows of pumpkins let everyone know Halloween is coming soon.

   Willow Brook Farm, Pattenburg


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