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Gatliff Bridge

Gatliff Bridge - Kentucky

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     As the morning sun rises over the Cumberland Plateau mountain tops, a warm glow is cast across the Cumberland River and under the Gatliff Bridge. This beautiful two-lane arched bridge, faced with native sandstone, appears as one of the many Civilian Conservation Corps projects at Cumberland Falls State Park. Although the CCC was responsible for the DuPont Lodge, a string of guest cabins and hiking trails, the bridge wasn't completed until 1954. Early residents and visitors to the Cumberland Falls area relied on a suspended basket to cross the river. Later a ferry made life a little easier transporting travelers across the Cumberland River. Named for native son, Edward Moss Gatliff, the reinforced concrete bridge was built by the Dawson Bridge Company.
     Established on land donated by the Duponts, the state park was dedicated in 1931. By 1933, the CCC had 136 men working, building most of the park’s infrastructure. When a new road established from Corbin in 1931, the park received over 50,000 visitors during its first three months. Today, the park remains one of the most popular recreation areas in Kentucky.



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