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Sunrise Flight - Ohio River

 Ohio River

Photo by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Gallery

More than being the largest tributary of the Mississippi River, the Ohio River played a large role in America's early history. Serving as a border for six eastern states today, the Ohio River was once seen as a boundary line between Indian territory and Kentucky. During the mid 1800s, the Ohio marked the line between free and slave states, thought as an extension of the Mason-Dixon Line. Because of its westerly flow, the Ohio naturally encouraged a western pioneer movement. Settlers would then continue north on the Mississippi River, and eventually reaching the Missouri River, their avenue to the northwest.
Forming at the heart of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania, the Ohio flows 980 miles to meet the Mississippi. The Ohio River Basin has attracted almost 10 percent of the country's population. A collection of roads, following the twists and turns of the river, make up a 967 mile Ohio River Scenic Byway. The byway moves through small communities and large cities, offering a wide variety of sights and points of interest along the way.
This tranquil scene captures a beautiful morning on the Ohio River at Marietta. This Ohio town was the first city established in the Northwest Territory. Its own rich history, centered around the river, offers riverboat displays, the Ohio River Museum and the Marietta historic district.



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