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Colonial Michililmackinac

British Traders House - Colonial Michililmackinac

Photos and Feature Article by Monnie Ryan
Monnie Ryan Photography

     On the outskirts of Mackinaw City, Michigan, is Colonial Michililmackinac State Park. Michilimackinac Cannon Demonstrationhas been a state park since 1904, and the French restored fort, surrounded by a wooden palisade erected on the lines of the old fort wall was opened in 1933. Today, it's a National Historic Landmark.
     Here, amid the 13 buildings are appropriately costumed interpreters, who lead walking tours dressed as soldiers, a fur trader, a priest and an apothecary, all demonstrating what life was like many years ago. At appointed times, soldiers fire their muskets on the parade ground, and canonballs are Ka-Booooomfired across the Straits of Mackinac from an 18th century canon in the general direction of the Mackinac Bridge, better known as the Mighty Mac.
     Native Indians are included here as well. Just outside the fort walls is an encampment, complete with wigwams, where interpreters wear traditional clothing and explain what it was like to live in a Waginogan (a domed or oval birchbark house) or Nasaogan (a triangular-shaped home, usually covered in bark). Also of interest here in summer is the archaeological dig; started in 1959, it's the longest-running dig in North America.



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